It is 2017, a year that we have computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones, smart watches, google glasses, self driving cars, and air conditioners we can control from our phones. It is so easy getting caught up in the day to day that sometimes we over look the little things that makes us happy.

Afived.com is a site dedicated to bringing you information on how to improve your day-to-day writing experience. I will be making posts about Pens, Paper, Notebooks, Pencils, Ink, and other stationery accessories.

About Tim

I am a father of two boys, 7 and 2, working in IT in good ol' sunny Florida. I've always been a fan of pens and paper since I was young. I can remember always being excited when my mother would take my brother and I to go school supply shopping. I would always lose myself drooling over the new and exciting gel ink pens with all of their assorted colors, colorful binders, fresh notebooks, newly designed pencil cases, cool book bags, and stacks and stacks of paper packaged perfectly just waiting for you to rip it open.  It was only recently after eight years of working in IT that my love for stationary product resurfaced and has quickly consumed me again. This time is different though. I've embraced my inner stationery geek.

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