Artist’s Loft Fundamentals: An Encounter Unplanned

Wondering aisles well traveled, browsing stickers and labels slapped onto cardboard containers I stumble upon the Artist’s Loft Fundamental Pencils. I’ve never had the chance to experience a lot of the ranges of graphite grade and at the price you could get all of these it seemed like a steal! Kum’s out, let’s get sharpened!

Artist's loft fundamentals


Artist’s loft is a house brand of Michael’s Craft Store. They make tons of budget friendly art and craft supplies. I picked these up in an 18 piece set for less than $10. It comes with 12 pencils that includes a 4H, 2H, H, 2 HBs, 1 Bs, 2 2Bs, 2 4B, a 6B, and an 8B. It also came with two different erasers, a tortillon, a sharpener, and some stumps. ¬†Quite a bit!

Artist's loft fundamentals

The body of the pencil has a cerulean lacquer, a tan stripe, and a black lacquered end. The paint finish was not done well on most of the pencils. You can see chips in the paint and out of the wood as well.

Artist's loft fundamentals

The cores were also not centered in majority of the pencils which makes sharpening them a hassle. On one side the pencil may show quite a bit of graphite and on the other it might go all the way to the tip. Good news though! Most of the pencils had fairly average point retention! They also don’t smear that much which is pretty cool for a budget pencil. The graphite may be the best part of the pencil.

Artist's loft fundamentals

Michael’s website doesn’t say what type of wood is used for these pencils but it is probably basswood. The pencil all in all feels very light and easily breakable.


Artist's loft fundamentals

So let’s ask the question. Is it worth the money for the Artist’s Loft Fundamental’s Pencils at the price of $10 ( $0.83 per pencil)? I am going to easily say no. I can see the benefit of being able to experience a wide range of graphite grades and get a sharpener with some extra accessories but compared to competitor pencils, that are at the same price or cheaper, these are not worth the investment. I think they need to take a look at their quality control because this could be a great starter set for artists or pencil enthusiasts. Unfortunately with most of the pencils having cores that aren’t centered and poorly applied lacquer, I can’t recommend these to anyone.


  • Nice colors
  • Love the available range in graphite grades
  • comes with erasers and a sharpener that is fairly decent


  • Cores are not centered
  • Poorly applied lacquer
  • weight of the pencil is too light for me

Artist’s Loft Fundamentals

Price: $10 for 12-pack, $0.83 per pencil

Colors: Cerulean Blue with Tan stripe and black dipped end

Grades: 4H, 2H, H, HB, B, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B

Wood: More than likely basswood


Thanks again as always for reading! Email me HERE or comment below and let me know what you though about the set if you have tried them!

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