Baron Fig Archer Pencil: Pencil on the Bullseye

Ever have those moments when just drool over something every time you see it that your body’s immune system actually awakens and tries to help you not indulge?.. So many times have you added it to your online cart and removed it just to satisfy your lust.. Well, this time it didn’t get removed and it was placed at my door. Today I’m writing with a Baron Fig Archer Pencil.This was the first in their line up of pencils released and I have been wanting some soooooooooooo bad (a lot of o’s, I know). Let’s put the pencil to the paper!

Baron Fig Archer Pencil Review

Baron Fig is an awesome NYC based company that only started a few years back and has been taking over in the stationary realm. They create very simple and useful products with sleek designs and really try to design their products around feedback from the community. They’ve made several notebooks, pencils, and even some pretty sweet pens. Baron Fig also has a great mission statement, “To Champion thinkers in their journey to create and inspire”. I am completely behind this. I love the writers and artists out there and I am grateful to see companies wanting to promote this.

Baron Fig Archer Pencil Review

Let’s start with their packaging. I’m not really a big packaging person but Baron Fig is starting to make me one. I love the tubular shape and how it fits the 12 hexagonal pencils perfectly. The tube is made of a think cardboard. They keep it simple and minimal, which I really enjoy. On the backside they have a short sentence statement about pencils and their company mission.

Baron Fig Archer Pencil Review

You do not have an option for lead grades or with/without erasers. They are all HB grade pencils that are capped. This may bother some they prefer the high B’s or high H’s but for me, I am still playing around with my preferences. HB is the standard #2 pencil grade and I suppose there is a reason the #2 is the #1 most common pencil in the US (Hehe.. 😉 ).

Baron Fig Archer Pencil Review

Baron Fig Archer Pencil Review

The wood appears to be stained at the tips. Mine came with some chipped lead centers though. I was a bit worried at first so sharpened a bunch of them and thankfully didn’t have any issues with the rest of the graphite being broken on the inside. I really don’t know what type of wood they use but it is very aromatic. It feels so light you forget about it as you are writing but at the same time it feels solid. This pencil may be too light for some people.. especially those that are fans of having an eraser for counter balance.

Baron Fig Archer Pencil Review

The pencil itself only has two prints on it. One side of the butt says the Brand and the other has the arrow. Other than they they keep it pretty minimal like most of their products.

Baron Fig Archer Pencil Review

The Pencils themselves sharpen nicely and keep a point pretty well.

Baron Fig Archer Pencil Review

It does smear a little bit if you have a heavy hand but aside from that it performs similar to the Faber-Castell Grip 2001 HB that I reviewed just two weeks back and the Artist Loft Fundamentals HB, a pencil that Michael’s sells a lot of in their store.

Baron Fig Archer Pencil Review


  • Design and color scheme are right up my alley with the slate gray and black
  • Performs naturally pretty good for an HB
  • Great packaging (I’m going to keep the tubes for other pencils 🙂 )
  • Comes in at around $1.25 per pencil
  • Smells great!


  • Only comes in HB, not really an issue for me but may be for others
  • Does not have an option for an eraser, not really an issue for me but may be for others.


Baron Fig Archer Pencil

Price: $1.25 per pencil and only comes in 12 pack for $15

Wood: Unknown

Eraser: No

Lead Grade: HB only

Colors: Only Gray and Black


Baron Fig has been releasing a lot of great products lately so be sure to check with them every once in a while. They have several subscription services too for quarter limited releases of Pencils, Pens, and Notebooks as well. I love their mission and I completely support them and I can’t wait to try more.


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