Baron Fig Confidant: Between the Pages A Thinker is Born

Capturing moments in life, we write page end to page end, flipping in between to breathe a fresh sheet. Today I spend some time with the Baron Fig Confidant. A notebook aimed at thinkers and designed by a company wanting a notebook for the people. I can’t wait to see what’s inside so lets break the seal and crack the spine!

Baron Fig Confidant


Baron Fig is a NYC based company originating from the grounds of Kickstarter. They design notebooks, pencils, pens, and even bags now. Check out their kickstarter here. The Baron Fig Confidant is their flagship notebook and they even offer limited edition subscription services for the Confidant.


This Baron Fig Confidant is not quite an A5 size. It is 5.5 inches x 7.7 inches which makes it .5 inches shorter than your Moleskine, Rhodia Webnotebook, and Leuchtturm1917. It is also wrapped in your choice of a grey fabric or charcoal fabric. My Baron Fig Confidant is wrapped with the grey fabric

Baron Fig Confidant

As we open up the front cover Baron Fig keeps things simple with an empty box that is typically used for the title of your notebook or your contact information.

Baron Fig Confidant

Baron Fig Confidant

As you continue past the from cover of the notebook it just jumps straight in with no index pages or table of contents. You have your choice of 192 pages of Dotted, Ruled, or Blank paper that are not numbered. The paper is also 100gsm which is heavier than Moleskine’s, Leuchtturm1917, and Rhodia’s. I can feel the different holding a sheet of paper in one hand and a piece from another notebook. The weight is similar to Rhodia’s but it doesn’t have an overly glossy feel like Rhodia’s. I do really like the feel of the paper though. It almost hits that golden spot for me as far as weight and feel.

You also have no choice but to have a yellow ribbon. I like the width of the ribbon a lot but it seems to have the same problem that Rhodia’s Webnotebook has and that is a short ribbon. Only a small stub is exposed from the bottom of the book which can be frustrating if you are like me and use the page marker to open the notebook. With the shorter ribbons your fingers end up hitting the bottom of the pages and then you end up open the book awkwardly or not at all.

Baron Fig Confidant

With the Baron Fig Confidant on the left, Moleskine in the middle, and Rhodia Webnotebook on the right, you can see how much longer Moleskine’s page marker is.


Baron Fig Confidant

Baron Fig Confidant

Although they have 100gsm paper, in my pen test all of my fountain pens bled through the page. Other pens mostly ghosted, which I can overlook, but when the ink starts to come through..well.. that is a different story. It is a shame that fountain pens don’t work all that well on this paper but if you only write in Pencil or your typical Rollerball, ball point, or gel pens then you’ll be fine.

Baron Fig Confidant

The very back of the book is once again empty and just has Baron Fig’s logo. The Baron Fig Confidant has a simple design and may not be to your liking if you prefer your notebooks to have the extra bells and whistles like pockets on the back cover for holding rulers, notes, and receipts, having numbered pages,having a ribbon band to keep the notebook closed, having an index in the front, or coming with archiving stickers to label your notebook when you are done. Of course you don’t really need them but for the price range this notebook is in those are all guarantees for others.


  • I like the fabric wrap on the notebook, that is well done and very unique
  • The weight of the paper is great and doesn’t have an excessive amount of gloss


  • Pages are not numbered
  • Short page marker
  • Does not play nice with Fountain Pens

Baron Fig Confidant

Price: Pocket is $12, Flagship is $18, Plus is $22

Sizes: Pocket ~A6, Flagship is an ~A5, Plus is ~A4

Colors: Grey or Charcoal with Yellow page marker

Numbered Pages: No

Paper Weight: 100gsm


I really like the idea behind Baron Fig and I want to support everything they do. They may not have products that completely satisfy all of my needs but they do have great products that are continuing to improve. I’ve found myself moving more towards the pencil world lately and with that in mind the fact that this notebook is not fountain pen friendly is not a terrible problem. I’ve had a chance to check out their pencils and I can’t wait to try the Squire pen. Check out my review here for the Baron Fig Archer Pencil. ¬†Also let me know in the comment section below or in the contact section of the blog what you thought about the Confidant if you have tried it before. Thanks as always!



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