Baron Fig Snakes and Ladders: Pencil Lessons in Morality

Box opened, sharpeners out.. Today I take a look at the Baron Fig Snakes and Ladders Limited Edition pencil. Grab your classroom friendly and let’s take a look.

Baron Fig Snakes and Ladders

Baron Fig once again makes a beautiful pencil. I enjoyed their flagship Archer pencil and even did a review that can be found HERE. This is the first of Baron Fig’s Limited Edition line and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

The Snakes and Ladders comes from an Indian board game that had lessons of mortality along a life’s journey that has complicated virtues (the ladders) and vices(the snakes). Most people these days are familiar with the Chutes and Ladders game that is basically the same thing without any deep meaning to anything whatsoever.

Baron Fig Snakes and Ladders


The Baron Fig Snakes and Ladders pencil is a beautiful looking pencil. The lacquer is a vermillion with a crimson end. The pencil also smells really great too. I am not too sure what wood was used but it is probably basswood.

Baron Fig Snakes and Ladders

Here are eleven of the twelve that came in the box. Some of these don’t look entirely centered.

Baron Fig Snakes and Ladders


Baron Fig Snakes and Ladders

The Snakes and Ladders writes much more smoother than the Archer and is a little bit darker of a graphite grade even though it is still supposed to be an HB. The S&L smears much worse than the Archer too. So the pencil that is in the written review was a full sized pencil before I started that page. Now it is down below the halfway mark and all I did was make two doodles and two long sentences. I kept having a problem with the point snapping on me every other word and when I sharpened the pencil the lead just continued to break. Not a good sign.

So here is the question.. Is it worth the $15? That is the equivalent of $0.8 a pencil. Although that is not a whole lot of money I am going to have to say no. For much less you can pick up a Palomino Golden Bear and have something far greater with a reputation along with it. ¬†With that said, I still want to see what other pencils will be released with their subscription services. This was the first and won’t be the last and I have full faith the next will be something spectacular.


  • Beautiful color
  • Smells great
  • Simple and Cool design
  • Writes smooth


  • Issues with lead not being centered in some of the pencils
  • I’ve had issues with lead snapping. I will try more but this isn’t a good first impression.

Baron Fig Snakes and Ladders

Price: $0.8 a pencil and only available in a 12-pack for $15

Body: Hexagonal

Graphite grade: HB


Thank you as always for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed everything so far. Be sure to check out Baron Fig’s Pencil subscription service here. Email me here or comment below and let me know what you think about the Baron Fig Snakes and Ladder edition!



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