Derwent Graphic Pencils: That Was Kind of Nice!

Earlier in the week I did a review on the Michael’s brand pencil set, the Artist’s Loft Fundamentals. I also picked up another set to try and today we get to look at the Derwent Graphic Pencils! Classroom friendlies at the ready, let take a look!

Derwent Graphic Review


The Derwent pencil has been being made since 1832 in Cumberland, England in small workshops by hand. A few years later they finally started opening up factories and was eventually taken owner ship by Banks, Sons & Co and in 1916 finally became what it is known as now as Derwent Cumberland Pencil Company.

Derwent Graphic Review


The Derwent Graphic features a nice matte black lacquer on the body, one orange strip, and the butt of the pencil is dipped with a small cap in a satin black lacquer finish.

Derwent Graphic Review

The Derwent Graphic pencil doesn’t have any special smell to it. The graphite cores were also fairly centered. I am not 100% sure but the wood may be cedar because it does look nice and have nice wood grains that are visible. The Graphic is available in a full range from 9H to 9B and advertise to have strong and smooth graphite for drawing and writing. They also weight on the lighter side compared to most pencils. Not as light as the Artist’s Loft but they were lighter to me than say the Baron Fig Archer pencils. You could probably stick a rubber eraser on the end of these and make it weight perfectly.

Derwent Graphic Review

There is not an eraser on this pencil!

Derwent Graphic Review


So here is the hard question. Are the Derwent Graphic pencils worth the cost of $13 for a set of six($2.17 a pencil)? So this is really difficult for me to answer so I’ll try my hardest. I really like these pencils. The colors are spot on perfect for my color palette and they write very well.. However when you hit that $2 a pencil range you are in the Blackwing realm and frankly I would pick a Blackwing over one of these any day of the week. So to me, investing in these wouldn’t be a smart move however I do HIGHLY recommend having some because they are cool and come in a wide range to try. So if you see them on sale, pick them up!


  • Like the Black on Orange
  • Write well
  • wide range of Graphite Grades


  • Price
  • Weight

Price: ~$13 for set of 6

Body Shape: Hexagonal

Color: Matte Black, Orange, Satin Black

Graphite Grade: 9H – 9B

Body Material: Looks like Cedar


Thanks again for checking out my review and feel free to leave a comment below or email me HERE and let me know what you think about the Derwent pencils! Also be sure to check out Derwent because they have a lot of other cool products too and if you are interested in buying a set of Derwent pencils click . Come back soon!

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