Diamine Oxblood Ink Review: The Surprise Ink!

So I want to start this review off by saying that I am not 100% that this is the correct ink, I may be wrong and had the wrong assumptions about this ink..We’ll see. I recently received from a five pack deal on Massdrop and although the bottle says “Diamine Oxblood”.. it may actually be “Diamine Rustic Brown”? Anyways.. my reviews are really just me documenting my journey and explorations in the wonderful world of stationary and craft products SO I’m just going to review this bottle of ink as it is!

Diamine Oxblood in bottle

As I said in my Diamine Imperial Purple ink review, Diamine is a UK based ink and stationary company that has been in business since 1864. With over 100 years of experience under their belt they are still coming out with great inks at ********great price**********!!

Diamine Oxblood in bottle

Diamine Oxblood is supposed to be a dark red ink and as you can see it definitely has a “blood” like property to it. Diamine Oxblood ink is one of the most popular inks in the Diamine line and if you scroll through the fountain pen subreddits you can see this ink often purchased along side demonstrator pens.

Diamine Oxblood ink

This ink write amazingly in my TWSBI Eco and dries quickly too. It is supposed to be a dark red but mine is more of a brown with hints of red in it … which makes me think that it might not even be Oxblood and that it could actually be Diamine Rustic Brown. I guess I’ll find out one day when I try out Rustic Brown, hah! ¬†Anyways, this ink is not really my style, I like more Red in my inks and less brown. I can absolutely see the appeal of this ink as it works well and looks cool too but I have never been much of a brown/earthy color person.

Diamine Oxblood


  • Writes well
  • Price
  • Availability


  • Not what I was expecting and may be the incorrect ink?
  • Not really interested in red/Brownish colors

Diamine Oxblood Ink

Price: $7.50 for 30ml and $15 for 80ml

Size: 30ml and 80ml

Color: Dark Redish Brown


I can’t wait to try more of the Diamine inks I have. Although this one was not my favorite color it is still a great ink that works well. ¬†Feel free to reach out to me and let me know what you think about Diamine inks or what you think about Oxblood! Also check out Goulet Pen’s great selection of Diamine inks! Thank you for reading as always!

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