Field Notes: Pocket Notebook for Half-Ass Calculations

I’ve been holding off on reviewing my Field Notes until I finished my current A6 notebook. So now’s the time! This notebook is known for being¬†THE NOTEBOOK for shoving in a pocket, backpack, purse, etc for traveling. They are small, work well, and have a minimalist/utilitarian vibe to them. So let’s get into the nitty-gritty and dive into Field Notes!

Field Notes

I’m sure most of you out there know all about Field Note, but for those of you out there who don’t, Field Notes was formed in 2006 by Draplin Design Company and Coudal Partners coming together to create Field Notes. Aaron Draplin, founder of Draplin Design Company, wanted to create a homage to the utilitarian pocket notebooks found in all sorts of places in the early 20th century. He would make a print his own notebooks and label them “Field Notes” and send them out to his friends. One day one of these landed in Chicago at the door step of Jim Coudal of Coudal Partners and within a week the Field Notes company was born. ¬†Since then they have been coming out with all sorts of great products and designs all based around the A6 notebook and even have a following on Facebook called “Field Nuts”.

The notebook is made from a thick Kraft paper brown cover, has 48 pages of numberless pages that come in three layouts: Blank, Ruled, and Grid. Their limited editions come in different colored covers and sometimes even feature some more uncommon layout types.

Field Notes

The inside cover contains some ownership information, dates started/ended, and even a reward for finding if you like to have these in your notebooks. I only got the grid paper so right off the back it gets into the notebook without wasting time.

Field Notes

Field Notes

The paper didn’t hold up to well with my fountain pens with fine nibs or my two roller ball pens when I went over a letter more than once. If you were note taking this wouldn’t be too much of a problem but I could see doodling being an issue with you were coloring in an area or had a lot of lines overlapping. Overall the paper wasn’t too bad but I wouldn’t recommend them for fountain pens or anything that writes on the wet side.

Field Notes

On the back cover they have included a small BIO section, a list of suggestions on how to use the notebook, some info on how the notebooks were printed, and even have a small ruler on the side. I had some pretty good laughs at the “Practical Application” sections with suggested uses like “Shoddy Sketches”, “Half-Ass Calculations”, “Crap Predictions”, “Hate Mail”, “Escape Routes”, “Shady Transactions”, “Gambling Debts”, and “Loose Promises”.


  • Design
  • Price
  • Various Color Editions and Diverse Layouts


  • Paper Quality does not hold up well with the pens I typically use
  • Does not have numbered pages

Field Notes A6 Notebook

Price: $9 for 3-pack

Size: Non Limited Editions only come in A6

Paper style: Non Limited Editions only come in Blank, Ruled, and Grid

Cover: Thick Kraft Paper

Pages: 48 pages

Overall these are not bad pocket notebooks. They feel great in the hand and would work very well for using out and about town. Be sure to check them out at Field Notes and if you liked what you saw be sure to also check out their Color subscription. Its a great bang for the buck if you enjoy Field Notes or even like collecting the different notebooks they have.

Do you use Field Notes or have a favorite edition? Let me know in the comments below or message me in the Contact tab at the top. Thanks again as always!

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