Moleskine A5 Softcover: The Initiator

Moleskine is everywhere, they have invaded coffee shops, bookstores, airports, and even Target as a trendy notebook for enthusiasts. Moleskine is a great place to start your stationary journey if you’re nervous about trying out different products or maybe want to hold your notebook before you buy it because they are available everywhere. So let’s take a look at the Moleskine A5 Softcover!


Moleskine likes to claim they were the notebooks used by artists and “thinkers” like Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Bruce Chatwin, and Hemingway. In 1997 the notebook was brought back from the dead by Maria Sebregondi who pitched the idea of the notebook to a company at the time called Modo & Modo, which after many years eventually changed the company name to “Moleskine Srl”. After enormous success and growth, Moleskine was acquired by D’leteren in September of 2016.

The Classic Moleskine notebook comes in three different sizes. Pocket (A6), Large (A5), and XL (A4). The Classic notebook has 192 pages of off white 72g paper with layout options of Ruled, Square, Plain, and Dotted. You also have the options to choose between Hard Cover and Softcover. The notebook comes in many different colors and popular themes like Star Wars, Avengers, Batman, Superman, Lego, etc.



When you open the book you get a nice logo on the inside cover and a place to put your contact information and a potential reward if found. There is no index or any other pre-designed layouts in the rest of the book after this. The pages are also not numbered.


In the back you get a pretty decent sized two-toned pocket with a little brochure of Moleskine propaganda for light reading.

Moleskine Ink test
Testing inks with fountain pens, felt tip pens, and roller ball pens. These are all pens I use on a daily basis.

Moleskine Ink test

As you can see this paper does not hold up kindly to those of us that write with anything other than a ballpoint or some gel ink pens. The paper really did not like my fountain pens and bled through not only to the other side of the page but even the page after that. The rollerball pens I used were on the brink of bleeding through and the rest of them just ghosted pretty heavily.


The ribbon is also pretty loose. It is a little bit more firm on the hardcover but it still does not stay on as tightly as I would like. I can lift the band with very very little effort.


With all of that said this is not a bad notebook. It may not be a notebook for those of us that write wet or heavy but for someone looking to try out their first notebook or maybe need a spare for a project or something, this is not a bad option. It is easily accessible through local department stores. I will say though, if there is something other notebook manufacturers should learn from Moleskine, it is their marketing skills. With how cheap and awesome Rhodia is, you sure don’t see their products at your local book stores.


  • Design is simple and elegant
  • comes in graph, lined, dot grid, and blank layouts
  • many options in color and themes


  • Paper bleeds onto other pages
  • Ghosting is heavy
  • No numbered Pages
  • Loose cover band
  • Price to quality ratio

Moleskine A5 Softcover Notebook

Price: $15

Pages: 192

Paper weight: 72g

Layouts: Ruled, Blank, graph, and Dot

Cover: Soft or Hard

Colors: numerous different color and theme options


Have you had or used Moleskine before? Comment below or message me and let me know what you think! I’d love to chat.

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