Monteverde Regatta: A pen for Sailors


Don’t you love those moment when you stumble upon a gem? So it is Saturday evening and I’m just relaxing with the kids and browsing my feeds when I just stumbled across someone selling an interesting pen.. I’ve never heard of the Monteverde Regatta and don’t know very much about the Monteverde products. A couple clicks later I am drooling over a beautiful pen with bright colors and sexy black carbon fiber stripes but on top of that it was also probably the black stainless steel 1.1 stub nib that broke the wallet. Two days later I’m in heaven.

So this pen has a magnetic cap.. yea. It’s friggin awesome.  You get that powerful snap sound when you post the cap on both the butt and top of the pen that just makes you melt back in your chair. Give me 5 minutes and a cigarette and I’m good Monteverde.

This pen comes in several different styles:  Red w/Black, Yellow w/Black, Rose Gold w/Black, Matte Black /w Black, and on their website says they will soon be selling Brass w/ Black as well.  They also have Rollerball and Ballpoint alternatives for this pen too if that is more your style.

The Regatta comes with 1 standard international Monteverde black cartridge and one piston filler converter for us ink lovers, and a quick start guide on how to fill the converter or load the cartridge. It wasn’t hard to follow at all and within a few minutes of sucking up an ink I’ve been wanting to try (Sailor…..ofcourse..) and a few more minutes just taking the top off to snap it back on for pleasure I was up and running.

The weight of the pen is quite interesting. There is no joke that this is my heaviest pen. Monteverde states that it is 54g and you feel every gram of it for sure. I don’t mind the heavy feeling, in fact I welcome it. I’m one of those that needs to feel the weight of things so that I don’t fear snapping it with my fat fingers. With the cap not posted the pen is quite short (Kaweco short) and it feels almost perfect. With the cap posted the pen is back to being a full-size pen but the weight tends to lean to the back of the pen. I don’t really mind it all that much but I can see others that don’t like the back-pull feeling would get fatigued quite quickly. So if you prefer lighter pens, this is not the pen for you.

Another thing I noticed…I’m not sure if it is the Stub nib that I got or the converter having a little too much air in it but when you wait a couple minutes and start writing again it takes a stroke or two to get the ink flowing again. When the ink is flowing it is amazing and smooth. I put Sailor Waka Uguisu in it and wrote like a charm. I’ll have to play with it and maybe try the ink cartridge to see if it experiences the same thing and do a follow up. It isn’t too bad but I would say every couple of paragraphs after a break you’d have to re-write the initial letter again.

Price – $120 retail, $70 on amazon and penchalet

Filling mechanism – Piston Convert and standard international cartridge (Comes included in box)

Barrel options – Comes in Yellow, Red, Matte Black, Rose gold, and Brass soon?

Nibs – Black stainless steel in Fine, medium, broad, and stub. Also has a ballpoint and rollerball options

Weight – about 54g (not including filled with ink)


  • Magnetic Cap :  Amazing
  • Comes with Converter : Saves money and comes preloaded in the pen for you
  • Weight unposted:  I’m a sucker for heavy pens
  • Color and use of carbon fiber : Pretty sweet carbon fiber and finish
  • Black stainless steel nibs with plenty of options


  • Finicky ink flow after short breaks between writing : May just be the nib or the converter
  • Weight with cap posted : feels back-heavy

About Monteverde, for those interested, appears to be a branch of the Yafa brand which houses other brands like Conklin and Schmidt under their umbrella. They have been around for almost 40 years in this industry and stills holding strong. I know I love my Schmidt refills for my rollerball pens and couldn’t live without them. I will definitely keep my eyes open for more Monteverde products.

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