Palomino ForestChoice Pencil Review

Today we dig into the Palomino ForestChoice pencils. Forget the fancy lacquers or fun wrapped pencils because today it is all about the natural wood finish. This is a great pencil that is FSC certified and comes at an amazing price that makes my wallet happy. Sharpeners out, let’s put the lead to the paper!

Palomino ForestChoice Review

The Palomino ForestChoice pencils were the FIRST FSC certified pencils. What does that mean? FSC certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. Not only are the ForestChoice pencils beautiful but they are also environmentally friendly.

Palomino ForestChoice Review

The Palomino ForestChoice pencils are only available in #2 / HB grade hexagonal style, colored pencil, and carpenter pencil styles. They also sport a beautiful incense cedar natural wood casing with a green metal ferrule and a red eraser. I love this combination. The green and red just pop when combined with the natural wood. These are also one of the pencils they are produced in Thailand instead of one of Calcedar’s US based factories.

Palomino ForestChoice Review

The erasers work rather well too! They actually erase and don’t live grit all over the page.

Palomino ForestChoice Review

After spending time with this pencil that I noticed is that it writes lighter than the other Palomino line pencils. It can write if you put a lot of pressure behind it but it just ate my point retention. If you prefer a darker line you might want to go with maybe a Golden Bear.

Palomino ForestChoice Review


  • Incense Cedar
  • Great Quality
  • Centered Lead
  • Eco Friendly


  • Could be a bit darker
  • Would like for more lead grades to be available as a choice

Price:$9 for a 36-pack on pr  $2.97 on

Body Shape: Hexagonal

Body Material: Incense Cedar

Finish: Natural Wood

Lead Grades: HB / #2


So here we are looking at everything this pencil has to offer. Is it worth the cost?  Abso-friggin-lutely. The price for a 12-pack is only $2.95 which means each pencil is only about $0.24 a piece. That is pretty good for an incense cedar, natural wood finished #2 pencil AND it is environmentally friendly. If you are needing some bulk pencil orders, check out the ForestChoice. You absolutely can’t go wrong with these. Palomino states on their site, “ForestChoice is good for the artist, good for the writer, and good for the environment”.

Palomino ForestChoice Review

Thanks for reading as always. If you have some other favorite natural wood finished pencils or other eco friendly pencils feel free to comment below of hit me up HERE and let’s chat! Also check out my review on some of the other Palomino brand pencils like the Blackwing 602 and the Prospector.

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