Pilot Iroshizuku Momiji Ink Review: What a Red

When I started this mystical pen journey I said to myself “I want an amazing red ink”.  Red is one of my favorite colors and Pilot’s Iroshizuku Momiji is just that ink. Sure, this is my first red ink, I’ll be the first to admit I am no ink master by any means but this was definitely a great first ink to have and almost makes me hesitate on whether I should try others (you know I will though) because this just hit me in all the right places.

Momiji ink

Momiji roughly translates out to “Maple” or “Autumn Colors”. I live in Florida where we have one season all year and three days of winter. Oh how I wish we could have Autumn colors like Momiji on our leaves.

Pilot has had the ability to deliver great inks for years and they continue to pump out great colors and shades. They just work well and behave amazingly with most pens. Not only do they work well and look great but the price is just right too.

Momiji ink review

This ink is not water proof by any means but it does dry quite quickly. I love how when writing with it the ink lays down like a light pink shade but when the ink dries it comes out as a deep red.

Likes –

  • Price
  • Love me some red ink

Cons – 

  • Need more

Pilot Iroshizuku Momiji

Price: $13 for 15ml  $26 for 50ml on jetpens.com



Hey guys if anyone has any recommendations on other great reds to try out leave a comment or hit my up in the contact section of Afived.com! Thanks for reading!


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