Pilot Precise V5 RT: Retractable and Precise With One Click

From a company that needs no introduction, today we look at the Pilot Precise V5 RT. In a world run by fantastic gel pens there are a few black sheeps out there worth mentioning. Notepads out, let’s get started!

Pilot Precise V5 RT


The Pilot Precise V5 RT is a roller ball pen that competes well against your Pilot G-2. It features a slick body with metal highlights, a nice grip, and its retractable.  The V5 line is what they call the “Extra Fine” or .5mm. They are also available in a V7 line which is called “Fine” or .7mm. I only have black right now but these are available in Black, Red, Blue, Green, and even Purple.

Pilot Precise V5 RT

The front of the pen has four ring grooves that may be a little weird if you choke up on your pen when handling but I don’t hold my pens like that so the grip was actually a nice touch. If you’ve seen the Pilot Precise V5, they don’t really have a grip..it’s just more of the smooth plastic. The grip will definitely help with long form writing for sure.

Pilot Precise V5 RT

The Pilot Precise V5 RT body is not made from metal.. It is just painted silver and black but the clip is a thin aluminum. The click mechanism is nice and has a satisfying click to it… However the barrel feels very plasticy and cheap. The Clip also gave out on me after a few days of trips around town clipped to my pocket. As you will see in the picture below the clip was poorly crimped on and like I said, it is very thin.

Pilot Precise V5 RT

The V5 RT takes a proprietary Pilot V5 RT refill. There is quite a bit in there and the refills are fairly inexpensive which is great for the writers out there. I experienced no bleeding in my typical notebooks but do be careful because it does write pretty wet. It smears more than the other roller ball competitors out there for some reason.

Pilot Precise V5 RT


Pilot Precise V5 RT

Overall the Pilot Precise V5 RT is a pretty nice pen. This is not a pen I would keep and cherish but this is a great pen to fill up a pen cup with and not be afraid to give out to coworkers.  The grip is nice, it has a clip, and is retractable which is pretty sweet.  Would I choose it over the G2? No probably not. The G2 is a great pen with all similar features however it’s a quarter of the price. You can get a dozen of the G2s for $10 compared to the three pack of V5 RTs for $6.


  • Retractable
  • Grip
  • .5 Roller Ball works very well!


  • Body feels cheap
  • Clip easily bends and breaks
  • Smears

Cost: $6.5 on Amazon for 3-pack

Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Green, and Purple

Refill: Pilot V5 RT Refill only

Sizes: Available in .5 (EF  V5)  and .7 (F V7)


I had a lot of fun with this pen over the week but something I’ve noticed is I’ve got an overwhelming amount of roller ball pens in my arsenal. I really need to pick up some great gel pens and felt tip pens. If you’ve got some pens that are your favorites I would love to hear! If you liked what you saw and want to pick some up check them out . Email me HERE or comment below. Thanks again for reading as always!

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