Rhodia A5 DotPad: That Next Level Paper

Ever get tired of spending time sketching out a doodle or writing some notes down just to find that whatever was on the other side of that page was completely ruined? Yea, that has happened to me several times. Rhodia has made their name in the paper game in being the go to A+ paper without breaking your wallet at the same time. Let’s dive in!

Rhodia DotPad

This is the A5 sized, dot grid style, staple-bound notebook. This sweet beauty has about 80 sheets of sweet Clairefontaine 80g ultra white paper. It also features two staples at the top that are not seen when opening the notebook, a stiff back cover, and is micro-perforated on top for easy tear out.

Rhodia DotPad

Rhodia DotPadRhodia DotPad

You have paper options like Blank, Graph, Lined, Lined w/margin, and Dot Grid and cover colored options of black or orange. The pad comes in several sizes and shapes to appeal to just about anyone and everyone’s needs.

Rhodia as a company has a pretty interesting history of being created in France by two brothers in 1934 and featured the orange cover and was eventually acquired by Clairefontaine in 1997 keeping some of the Rhodia family members on board. It is said that the two trees featured in the logo are meant to represent the two Verilhac Brothers and were purposely made to not be completely identical but features a line linking them together to show that the brothers work together.

Rhodia DotPad

I do really like the Rhodia Dotpad. It is, well, almost perfect. I think I am starting to come round on this but the texture of the paper has always felt a little too glossy for me. I like my paper to have a little grip to it like the Leuchtturm paper but like I said.. I am starting to get past that.

Rhodia DotPad

Rhodia DotPad

And the backside

Rhodia DotPad

As you can see there is absolutely no bleed threw and very little ghosting. Not nearly as much ghost as the Leuchtturm paper.

Overall this is great little pad. It is inexpensive, easy to obtain, and comes in tons of different sizes and styles. You absolutely can not go wrong with Rhodia products.


  • Price
  • Dot grid is available
  • a5 size is my perfect companion size
  • great paper, no bleeding, light ghosting


  • Very minor but I don’t like the glossy feel the paper has.

Rhodia A5 Dotpad

Price: $7 jetpens

Size options: A5, A4, A3, A6, A7

Style:  Lined, Blank, Line w/Margin, Graph, Dot Grid

Paper Weight: 80g


Be sure to check them out at Rhodiapads.com. Their products can be found 17 different online stationary stores as well as Amazon.com.

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