Sailor Jentle Four Seasons Waka-Uguisu: Spring Ink is in the Air

No one Waka
Along this Sailor but I,
This Uguisu ink.

I’ll admit, I’m more of a red/black person but the moment I saw this I had to be sure this would be my first Sailor Ink I would try. The Sailor Jentle Four Seasons is a line of currently 16 inks making a total of four inks per season of the year. With Spring in the air I figured this would be the perfect time to experiment with a Sailor. ( 😛 )

After a few minutes on Google I believe I’ve managed to come to a close translation of Waka Uguisu.  Waka is a type of Japanese poem in classical Japanese literature and Uguisu refers to a Japanese Bush Warbler, a very beautiful bird that has a distinct breeding call that can be heard all over Japan starting in the spring. **Spoiler alert, this ink is not flashy or romantic but it is still a lovely ink, hah!

This ink has some very interesting properties to it. It can almost be described as an “Avocado Green” with the shades of yellow and faded greens but can also transform into a “Dark Moss Green” if heavily applying ink or adding multiple layers. In my opinion this is a great ink to start the spring off with and I plan to add it into my rotation for the next few weeks as it starts to become more and more beautiful outside.

I’m still in my infantile stages of inks so my only real comparison I have is to Pilot’s Iroshizuku line. This is definitely not as saturated as some of the Pilot Iroshizuku inks I’ve used but I still really like it. I greatly enjoy trying things on the other spectrum and I’ve had quite a bit of fun with this ink.

Sailor Waka-Uguisu review

So I have one thing I have to admit. I haven’t had the best of luck with this ink up until now. I’ve used it with my Monteverde Regatta Sport in a 1.1mm Stub nib and my TWSBI Diamond Mini with a 1.1mm Stub nib and I had A LOT of issues getting the ink to flow properly. I first tried it on my Monteverde Regatta and I wasn’t sure if it was the nib or the ink so I tried it in my TWSBI Diamond Mini and had the same issue.. I just could not get the color to pop or even come out sometimes. So tonight I was going to write a scathing review and to take the shots I put it in my only pen that had been cleaned out recently, my TWSBI Eco F nib. I don’t know what happened but this ink works perfectly with this pen.. I still haven’t quite figured it out and may spend some time later on down the road experimenting but word of advice from me to you, if you plan on getting this ink I would be careful using it with a stub nib. After using it with my Eco, my opinion has completely changed. I really love this ink now.

Sailor Jentle Four Seasons Waka-Uguisu

Price: $18

Size: 50ml


  • Price
  • A perfect for using right now for my March journal spreads
  • Love the unique Avocado shade


  • Had a lot of bad luck at first using this ink in a stub nib… be careful
  • wish it came in smaller options before commiting to buying that much
  • Sailor likes to discontinue their Jentle ink lines often so don’t get too attached!


Let me know in the comments or email me in the Contact section of my page and let me know if you’ve ran into the same thing I have with this ink. Hopefully I’ll get some time in the next few weeks to play around with different nibs sizes and see if it really is just not a good ink for stub nibs.

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