Sharpie Pen Review

Coming from the manufacturer of our favorite permanent markers, today I take a look at the Sharpie Pen. Their markers are undeniably the Pilot G-2 equivalent of the permanent marker realm. Well, … more like they own this market with little competition. How do their pen’s hold up though? Specifically the premium felt-tip Sharpie pen? Today I’m taking a deep dive on the stylish Sharpie pen.

Sharpie Pen Review


Sharpie is a brand of stationery goods made by Newell Brands, headquartered in Hoboken, NJ. “Sharpie” originated from a company called the Sanford Ink Company in 1964 but was acquired by the Newell Brands in 1990. They are also given credit for becoming the first pen-style permanent marker.

Sharpie Pen Review


The stainless steel Sharpie pen only comes in 1 tip size and that is Fine (0.8mm) felt tip. The pen doesn’t feel super heavy and the stainless style body and cap feel great in the hand.

Sharpie Pen Review

The Sharpie pen also has a nice rubber grip section after you remove the stainless steel cap. Sharpie also claims that the ink will not bleed through paper and is archival-quality.


Sharpie Pen Review

Sharpie Pen Review

The ink dries crazy fast and the only thing that bled through was the underline that I made with an actual Sharpie marker.

Overall this is a nice pen. Keep in mind that most of my testing was on paper I use on a daily basis which is all fountain pen friendly paper or thicker paper so if this bleeds through for you then you may want to take a look at what you are writing on. My tests with the Rhodia paper, Leuchtturm1917 paper, and Clairefontaine paper was pretty decent and all around the same experience.

Is the sharpie pen worth purchasing? I give it a thumbs up. This pen looks sweet with the stainless steel body and also gives it a little more class and durability.  It is also only $3.50 so the price is not too bad either for what you get.


  • Stainless steel body
  • Fine felt-tip
  • Archival quality ink
  • fast drying
  • very little bleed-through


  • Need more nib sizes available. I would like to see this in an EF .5 or a needle point .35 or something like the Sakura Pigma Microns.

Price: $3.50 on Amazon

Nib Size: Fine 0.8mm

Body Material: Stainless steel with a rubberized grip section

Weight: 0.8ozs

Length: 7.6 x 2.4 x 0.7 inches

Colors: Black, Blue, Red


Thanks for reading as always and I hope you enjoyed my post. If you haven’t tried one be sure to pick one up . If you have any favorite alternatives to the Sharpie Pen comment below or shoot me a message HERE. As always, take care!

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