The Pilot Precise V5 Pen Review

Today we put the beloved Pilot Precise V5 pen under pressure and throw it through the ringer. Like all of you, I used to always keep this pens near by whether at home or at work. They are affordable, disposable, and easy to find. Let’s put it under the lens and see how they hold up!

Pilot Precise V5 Pen Review


The Pilot Precise line of pens are precision driven and versatile writing instruments. These pens come in a handful of colors and are available in V5 (Extra fine .5mm) and V7 (Fine .7mm). You would think they would be gel pens or something but NOPE they are rollerball pens with liquid ink.

Pilot Precise V5 Pen Review

The barrel of the pen is kept simple but does have a window to see the ink inside.

I love the long metal point that resembles a lot of what you see on drafting mechanical pencils. Just below the cnib guard and the air channel is a cool see-through  grip section and just below that starts the body of the pen that holds the liquid ink. After a bit of use you can watch the ink start feeding down these channels which is really neat and distracting :P.

This pen is highly addictive and to some people I know this is the only pen they will use. I honestly can’t blame them. These pens are magnificent. They have a cool and minimal design, they write extraordinarily well for long periods of time, and they have super fine tips. These pens are performers and the paper is their stage.


The Pilot Precise V5 pens are available in seven colors: Black, Purple, Green, Red, Pink, Blue, and Turquoise and also typically come in assorted packs or packs with the four common colors.   The ink is bright and doesn’t take long for it to dry… We are talking between 5-10 seconds after writing you can wipe your finger over it and little to no smearing.


  • Color Variety
  • Affordable
  • Easy to find
  • Writes very well


  • Other people will steal them (yea.. that is all  I got.)


Price: $13.38 for a 12-pack on

Nib Size: EF .5mm   and F .7mm

Colors: Black, Blue, Turqoise, Green, Red, Purple, Pink.

Pen Type: Rollerball with Cap


Thanks for reading as always guys and I hoped you enjoyed today’s post. If you haven’t had a chance to try one I definitely recommend picking some up and trying one out trying one out. These are great everyday writers and they are affordable enough you don’t have to feel bad when you buy enough to fill up a couple of cups at work for your desk. Shoot me a message HERE or comment below and let me know what you think about the V5’s. Have a good one!

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