TWSBI Diamond Mini: The No Brainer

Twsbis have been taking the internet by storm for a long time. Their affordable prices and quality products that are hard to beat is the perfect formula for success.  Let’s talk about a pen that you could own and not have a need for any others. The Twsbi Diamond Mini is the one.

This is a short pen with the cap off but when the cap is posted on the butt of the pen it transforms to a normal size pen that is quite comfy to write with. To be honest I didn’t even mind writing with it without the cap posted at all. Both gave me great writing experiences.

Twsbi is a Taiwanese pen company with their nibs being manufactured by JoWo, a German company. The nib with this pen is amazing and writes well right out of the box. I filled it up with Pilot Iroshizuku Asa-Gao and couldn’t stop myself from filling page after page. The 1.1mm stub is just so smooth and makes even writing the most meaningless things an adventure. The nib is made from steel and has their logo engraved in it, which just looks amazing.

This is a piston filling pen which makes it extremely easy to fill with whatever ink you want. If there is anything that seems dauntingly scary for a new fountain pen user it is “How do I fill it?” and “How do I clean it?” well.. You do the same motion. Stick the nib into the bottle of ink and twist the end of the pen which makes a plunger move up and down that sucks the ink up into the body of the pen and keeps the ink inside using pressure so that it does flow out when you hold it upside down. To clean it, simply just stick the nib in water and suck the water in and out of the body and repeat until the water in the body in clear. “Easy peasy lemon squeezy”, my 7yo would say.

This is a great pen that writes perfectly every time I pick it up. I don’t have much else to say other than just wow.


Twsbi Diamond Mini

Price: $55 amazon, jetpens. $50 retail from Twsbi

Filling Mechanisim: Piston Filler

Nib Size: EF, F, M, Bold, Stub 1.1, Stub 1.5

Nib material: Steel

Barrel: plastic diamond faceted barell

Styles: Comes in Black, Black and clear, clear


  • Size is great, easily fits in the pocket and has a clip
  • Piston filler makes it easy to fill with any ink at any time
  • Light weight and well balanced.


  • I don’t like the clouded plastic cover they put into the cap that covers the nib. It makes it look like it is dirty or humid in there. (I’m really just getting nit-picky here..)

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